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Are you anticipating learning to make reeds? Here is a list of the basic supplies necessary to get started!

Cane - gouged, shaped and folded

Double hollow ground knife


Cutting block

Plaques (I recommend that you have three on hand at all times_

Reed thread

Bees wax

C-clamp (small c-clamps from your local hardware store)

Razor blades (also from your local hardware)

Staples, i.e. corks (minimum of five)

Metal ruler

These supplies are easily purchased as a package from many retailers that specialize in oboe supplies and come in an convenient carrying case. Here are some businesses who specialize in oboe retail!

Midwest Musical Imports

RDG Woodwinds

Hodge Products, Inc.

Forrest Music

Charles Double Reeds

Don't want to browse the internet? The links below will direct you to oboe reed making kits that will provide all of the supplies with the exception of a c-clamp and spare razorblades.

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