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Punctuality and preparation are mandatory for lessons, as they will be for your future.


Lessons shall be paid in full at the beginning of the month. Payment will be accepted in cash, check, or online payment through Fons. 


If you need to cancel your lesson it should be done at least 24 hours in advance. Upon cancellation we will find a make-up time for your lesson. In case of valid family emergencies or illness the 24-hour cancellation policy will be waived. If you do no show up for your lesson you will be charged in full and no make-up lesson will be provided.  



Daily practice for lessons is just as crucial as practicing for school. While the oboe is often seen as a recreational activity, lessons learned through music resonate throughout life, some of them including critical thinking and discipline. A good gauge to decide how much you should be practicing: if you are taking a 30 minute lesson then 30 minutes of practice a day should be your goal. The same goes for an hour long lesson. More advanced students who wish to participate in orchestral activities outside of school should consider two to three hours a day of practice. If you plan to major in music three hours a day of practice is what you should aim for, as well as working toward becoming an independent reed maker. 

At the Aerial Oboe Studio there are many items that you should bring to every lesson to ensure an optimal learning experience:

LESSON BOOKS currently in use: Rubank, Gekeler, Barret, Ferling or any other assigned music such as solos or excerpt material. 

BAND AND ORCHESTRA MUSIC: Any music you are currently studying in your ensembles should be brought to your oboe lesson.

REEDS!! Students should keep three functioning reeds at all times. As a young oboist I went through three reeds in one concert. Not because they wore out but, because one got smashed in the music stand, one was smashed by the flute player next to me, and I finally finished the concert with my last reed. Accidents can and will happen.

REED WATER and a soaked reed. 


OBOE NOTEBOOK. All students should have a notebook where lesson assignments and concepts currently being discussed can be recorded for your reference at home. 

A GOOD ATTITUDE! Because it goes a long way. 

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